The second Laura Riera collection, is inspired by the desert and presents some color ranges
from the surprising salt deserts, with the warm tones of these unusual moors, arid nuances, the forms that the sand takes and the inspiring sunsets and sunrises that take place in these wonderful and unusual places.

In the collection, Laura wanted to add volume to the skirts using ruffles of different styles. Simple and clean volumes. With several layers of different fabrics, most of them made with natural fibers.


Dubai dress / Sande dress

The shapes of these designs are rooted in the circular configuration of the dunes, along with the curvature that caves and mountains provide. She wanted to capture these shapes in some of her dresses, on the ruffles, the manipulations and even the necklines.

As always, Laura likes to make a characteristic neckline per collection, in this case, she has chosen to make a pronounced neckline with a round shape, which is transmitted in all the curvatures that this collection has.


Monument Valley dress / Sinaí dress

The colors come from the reflections of the sun in the salt crystals, the sparkles in the fine grains of sand and all this combined with the fascinating range of colors that both sunrise and sunset give us.

For the collection, Laura wanted to highlight this phenomenon with rhinestones, both on the backs and on the tails of some of her garments. Continuing with the purpose of showing that sexy side of a daring bride and, why not, different, but without neglecting the skin and 3D fabrics, attributes that characterize us as a brand, we have decided to use these fabrics with silks, cottons and triacetates with a more organic and natural composition.


Gobi dress / Antártico dress

Hence, Laura pulls out a color palette with earth tones, ecru, and pops of color. In this collection, the white color is in very few dresses since they do not represent the natural colors characteristic of these landscapes.


Kalahari dress / Takamakan dress

As always, Laura seeks to satisfy the needs of all the brides that come to us.

Our fundamental objective is to get them to wear what they feel.

In this collection you always want to cover all types of clothing, including dresses of different styles, such as mermaid, A, princesses, etc …, short dresses, bodysuits and skirts or bodysuits and pants, even jumpsuits. Taking into account that this is only the collection that Laura has created for this year, but let us not forget that she can always make the dress of your dreams come true.


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